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Company Profile

Rabbithome Restaurant was established in 2001; with an idea to provide fast food, self-service model to busy Muslim and non-Muslim at commercial areas.This concept worked until today!

Mr.James Teo loves foods, in his involvement in organizing various events and functions while active in Associations and Chambers of Commerce, he came out with ideas that can make all celebration efficient, success and cost-effective. With the conviction that he can server the huge market demand event better, he start-off Rabbit Home Catering in 2001. The company has been a great success until today.

Right from the outset Mr.Teo has been standing firm in 3 focus: 1. the quality of foods provided must be excellent, 2. the services delivery must be fast, and 3. the set-up must be impeccable. Until this day, he personally involves in quality control in his kitchen. His efforts have definitely paid off as Rabbit Home is now a household name in Muar, Johor.

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